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Mr. Chime manufacturers a wide variety of wireless door entry chime alert systems that can be used for security, business management or loss prevention, or just as a warm welcome to your home or business. All systems are easy to use and can be installed in seconds, with no need to drill holes, combine wires or damage your home or business exterior.


Mr. Chime’s wireless chime systems are powered on either batteries or AC power, so you don't need to connect them to your building's electrical system if you don’t want to run new wiring or can’t connect to service in the location you need. Each chime includes sensors that are equipped with a motion sensor and transmitter that can transfer signals up to 200 feet away through walls and floors, so you can place the sensor and transmitter almost anywhere in your home or business. The devices are small and easy to place, with a patented design that increases battery longevity and minimizes false alarms. Whether you are looking for a simple doorbell for your home, a motion sensor to alert you when guests are entering your business, a monitor to light up display cases, or something other use, Mr. Chime has a wireless alert system for you.


Homes and businesses use the wireless chime systems to welcome visitors and enhance security with an alarm system that isn't abrasive on the ears or the wallet. If you have an open door at your business or office so customers can come and go freely, an entry door chime system helps you get work done without leaving walk-ins unattended. Simply place the sensor by an open door and the transmitter will receive the signal anytime a customer walks in. The transmitter can be placed in your back office or anywhere in the business so you can hear guests come in. The chime alert is gentle and pleasant, so it won't interrupt your work or alarm your staff or customers. This chime alert system is a great way to make sure customers are attended to without keeping someone at the desk at all times. The motion sensor system can also be used for security purposes, whether to keep back doors off-limits or alert when someone enters an employees-only area.


There are many chime systems that can be used in your office, store, restaurant or other establishment. While security systems and other alarms systems are costly and often require a professional to install, Mr. Chime alert systems can be installed in seconds and they require no expert knowledge. They are also affordable, so you can place a chime system wherever needed. Many chime systems also offer varying sounds that you can use. If you need to move the chime’s location or you want to move merchandise and the alarms that protect them, you can move them at any time with ease. Mr. Chime supplies alarm systems for display cases, fitting rooms and customer traffic counters, all helping you to better manage your customers and prevent theft.


Entry door systems are also helpful for loading docks, warehouse doors and other areas, showing when someone is at the door and alerting your employees if a door is kept open. For doors that should remain closed for security reasons, like fire doors or back or side building doors, a chime alert will chirp or ring if a door is opened. The sounds the transmitter makes are not like alarms or other annoying noises; a gentle chime is more like a doorbell, so it does not cause undue alarm or panic when it is used.


The chime systems are available in multiple power configurations, and can be used with batteries or plugged into a standard outlet depending on the specific model. Mr. Chime’s patented design increases the longevity of battery life over the course of the chime’s use, while the AC power source eliminates the need of batteries altogether without any complex wiring. Multiple transmitters can be used throughout your home or business, so you can be alerted wherever you are. Multiple sensors can also be used without interfering with one another. The design on each motion sensor reduces the occurrence of false alarms by focusing on the area directly around the sensor. The sensors are also not effected by transient light, which helps prevent false chimes and alerts that can interrupt your day when no one is actually at your door.


Take a look at the many chime systems and other accessories available for both homes and businesses. The chime systems are a great way to increase security around your home or business without a sudden alarm or a costly installation. Anyone can install Mr. Chime systems; they require only placement and batteries or a standard outlet. The systems communicate through an RF frequency and operate using very minimal battery power, so you can continue using them for years. Serving customers since 1980, Mr. Chime offers all of their chimes and alarms at factory-direct pricing, ensuring you receive the best deal possible on chime alarms for any need. Find the right chime system for your home or business and start shopping online now. For more information or help finding the right system for you, call Mr. Chime today at 877-672-4463.



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