Store Traffic People Counter

Model DARC

(1) Electromechanical "7 digit" counter

Keep track of customer entries to your store with the wireless store traffic and retail people counter from Mr. Chime. The counter automatically records the entry of customers who pass through your doors, enter fitting rooms or access other areas of your business using a motion sensor. The DARC people counter is an optional accessory that plugs into any DARD model receiver.


The DARD receiver emits a chime whenever a customer crosses an entry point and the DARC counter records the entry on an eight-digit numerical indicator. The counter is remarkably simple and requires only to be plugged into the DARD receiver. The counter cannot be reset, thereby preventing tampering and data loss. This makes it easy for stores to record their peak days and peak hours, allowing business managers to schedule employees easier and keep track of visitors to the store for analyzing metrics and assessing success of advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives.


Order the wireless store traffic and retail people counter with your DARD chime motion sensor to record visitors to your location. Find all your sensors, alerts, counters and other accessories at factory-direct prices online at Mr. Chime today.


The receiver (Model DARD) pictured is not included

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"Factory Direct" @ $30.00

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